It’s Time


A knock on my door (Yes, my door is closed — this is the real world — not the fairytale world that is often portrayed in social media). I get up, open the door and am greeted by a teacher who apologizes for being sick. She asks if I have someone that can cover her […]

The Kitchen Sink


My wife and kids leave for school about an hour before I do. Which means I have a good chunk of time to spend how I choose. Sometimes I use it well and sometimes I waste it. Don’t get me wrong, by wasting it I don’t mean that I am lying on the couch throwing […]

Engaging With Place & Community (Part 2): Walking with High School Students

students walking4

Walking is a tonic for body, mind, and soul. (Rubinstein, 2015, p. 251) Walking With High School Students The Walking Curriculum offers learning activities designed to simultaneously develop your students’ sense of place and to enrich their understanding of cross-curricular topics and core competencies. Walking curriculum activities reflect the principles and practices of Imaginative Ecological […]

How To Balance Work and Life as a Teacher

I know it’s hard… Being a teacher is probably one of the most demanding jobs that exists in terms of the commitment, passion, and dedication that it requires. In some jobs, you put your time in, go home and relax, and forget about the challenges of the day, that customer that complained, that client who […]



It’s Saturday and I am physically and mentally exhausted! At first I could not figure out why. I had a great week. Plenty of rest. Plenty of play. And even time left over to just do nothing. But then it hit me. Educators know what I am talking about. No matter how prepared we are. […]

Help Students Deal With Stress

Stressed student

Stress Impairs. Stress Damages. Stress Kills. Stress stinks really bad. Fear, anxiety, shame, powerlessness, hopelessness.These are all feelings that can lead to stress. But are they real? And, can we control them? Let’s find out. Remember these 3 choices when facing stress: Change It. Exert influence wherever and however you can. Leave It. While walking […]

Teach the Whole Child to Reduce Student Stress


Which has caused more stress among kids: the Great Depression or life today? According to a study cited in Brad Johnson’s book, Learning on Your Feet, five times as many students deal with stress, anxiety, and other mental issues compared to students during the Great Depression. If we really stop to think about that, we […]

Why Elementary School Children Need Stress Relievers


My husband, who was a math major in college, received this text from our daughter, who is a veterinarian with strong math skills:”If dad is bored, he can think of a word with uppercase letters that has 5 acute angles, 2 obtuse angles and 5 right angles.”This is her third grade daughter’s homework. It took […]

Tonight You Dream


Do you happen to remember the very last thought you had last night before you fell asleep? Highly unlikely. But what about the moments leading up to it? I’m guessing if you’re at all like me, many of the your last conscious moments are spent thinking about what you have to do the next day. […]

A Day In The Life


What must go through his mind when the three pair of tennis shoes that dangle ominously from the telephone wires at the end of his street are nicer than the ones he wears on his feet? I begin this piece not really knowing how it is going to end. Or even if it has to […]