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Yes, Graphic Novels Are Real Books

Young boy reading manga

I’ve had a couple of parents approach me recently with questions akin to: “How do I get my child to read something else besides graphic novel? I want him to read real chapter books.” To which I say: “Why do you need to do this?” If your child is reading graphic novels, then he is […]

Reading Is Fundamental and Is Lost in the Translation


Reading is fundamental, that’s true, but somehow this idea gets lost in the translation. Re-stated, it means, in today’s education system, that reading is fundamental when we make Johnny read and read and read until the words come out of his eyes and ears. At that point, it becomes a habit, so deeply ingrained in […]

Student Book Recommendation: Looking For Alaska

John Green’s novel Looking for Alaska appeals to the adolescent need to connect and find meaning in life. Around the winter holidays, two of my students presented me with a lovely card and the gift of a novel. Always interested in what my students are reading, I took interest in their selection, especially because they […]