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Classroom Conversations: Architect Your Learning


We all know the familiar adage, “If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he eats for his whole life.” We also know that it’s essential that students learn-to-learn so that they become successful lifelong learners. This is critical to living well in […]

Ten Easy-to-Implement Suggestions to Help Disorganized Students


Disorganized students come in various guises: younger students, older students, male students, female students, well-manneredstudents, disruptive students, and , all too often, failing students. What these different students do share, however, is the tendency to be disorganized and overwhelmed. They are the ones still looking for their homework when everyone else has turned theirs in. […]

The Student Votes are IN: 6 Traits Teachers MUST Possess!!!


What do students want AND need in an educator? Thoughts run rapidly through my mind as the end of the year approaches and deep self-reflection continues: Did I make a difference this year? What should I approach completely differently next year? How can I revise my instructional approaches? In what manner can I meet more […]

Hi, Mrs. Smith. This is Zack’s teacher…


Dear Annie,I just got a call from my son’s math teacher. She says he’s consistently goofing off in class and distracting other students. I’ve gotten similar calls from other teachers. How can I impress upon him that this isn’t OK? – Embarrassed Mom When it comes to teaching kids to be good people (our #1 […]

Digital Independence in the Classroom


Choice can have a significant impact on student learning. It maintains engagement and drives a desire for inquiry. O’Connor and Sharkey (2013) shared in “Establishing Twenty-First-Century Information Fluency” that the performance of students is at its peak when learning is individualized. However, in offering student choice of technology, one of my challenges as an educator […]

Are We Teaching Students To Be Responsible…Or Just Obedient?


simple truth: A great teacher’simpact lasts long after studentsleave the classroom. research tells us: We all want a well-run classroom. Teachers appreciate smooth transitions, active and appropriate student interaction, and learners who are focused on theiracademic activities. This seems great in theory, doesn’t it? We know that on many days, this may not beour reality. […]

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