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How to Improve Your Kids’ Critical Thinking


As a teacher, I often expect my students to think critically. If you’re a teacher I bet you expect the same. As a parent,you wish for your kids to be able to critically evaluate the choices an important situation offers to make the smart, most beneficial decision. I know I do and while I realize […]

Mastery Learning: The Basics

Mastery learning doesn’t have to be scary. A lot of times when I talk about Mastery Learning with teachers, I can see them slowly start back away and sometimes even getting noticeably scared. I’ll be honest, itcanbe scary, but it doesn’thaveto be. Giving up control, managing aself-paced classroom, and transitioning toMastery Learningcan be done if […]

7 Ways to Increase Student Achievment

As you read this you probably have a lot of ideas floating through your head about the amazing learning activities you’re going to experience with your students. Whether it is an idea you read about in an article, something a colleague of yours has tried, oran awesome PDsession you’ve attended, it’s time to put those […]

Tips For Imaginative Educators #11: Get Controversial

Engage Their Inner Rebel. Adolescence contains the makings of a perfect storm. At a time when young people are establishing asense of self and getting a grasp on how the world works, they also have limited freedom. There are rules. Everywhere. They have “written” and “unwritten” rules to follow at school, at home, in society […]

Hacking Design Thinking For Education Part 3: Design Thinking In School


Think. Design. Create. Test. Analyze. Think. Design. Iterate. Test. Solve. Improve. Solve better. Think you’re done? Think again! The Design Thinking Process is really a cycle that looks something like this: Take the iPhone. Apple releases a new model every year. Why? Profit of course! But, each version is better. It offers something new. Something […]

Classroom Conversations: Architect Your Learning


We all know the familiar adage, “If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he eats for his whole life.” We also know that it’s essential that students learn-to-learn so that they become successful lifelong learners. This is critical to living well in […]

Assess for Success


Do you teach well? How do you determine the merit of your teaching? How do you relay this information to others? It’s difficult to be objective with regard to your own work. That’s why it’s important to create a self assessment process that helps to move you forward with your teaching and learning–a process that […]