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5 Ways to Waste Your Summer

(Image Source: Ok, I know it’s the end of the year and all you can think about is sleeping in, maybe getting your feet in the sand, and finally having a little time to relax andeat a meal without having to complete it in under 10 minutes as you grade stacks of papers or […]

Summer Strategies for Teaching Success

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Once the school year starts, there’s hardly a moment to breathe. The pace of school life, particularly at the early-childhood and elementary levels, is marked by significant time-on-task with large numbers of children and tremendous responsibility for coaching, leading, and responding to students’, families’, and system-wide needs, expectations, questions, and requirements. Summer gives you the […]

My Plans for My Daughter’s Summer Learning

My daughter finished Kindergarten last week. My goal has been to keep her summer as unstructured as possible. I want her to have downtime after her first year of elementary school. I want her to have the mental space to develop and nurture her own interests. I want her to have fun. Which is not […]

A Summer Creativity Transfusion


WhenHarold and the Purple Crayonwas published in 1955, kids everywhere (including me and my brothers) sattoo long on our fannies watching TV. Maybe author Crockett Johnson had a few TV addicted kids of his own, so he wrote a story about alittle boy who creates a big adventure with just an oversized crayon and his […]

Stop the Summer Slide: Tricks to Keep Students Learning through the Summer


The summer slide is not the latest dance fad among teens, but a term teachers use to describe how students tend to lose information during the summer months. Students are out of the classroom and “free” from the constraints of learning, yet if the goal of education of education is creating life-long learners, summer is […]