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The Earth Is Flat! – Question, Investigate, and Find Your Own Answers


No one knows enough. Period. And that’s a good thing. I try to remember that. Recently, a good friend of mine told me that he is convinced the Earth is flat. And, as far as I know, he’s not medicated. He said that the evidence he’s collected is too overwhelming for him not to believe […]

More on Hattie and Marzano – We KNOW what works!


“The experience of others is the best classroom you will ever find.”– Warren Buffett From time to time I share information about relevant and timely educational research. in this post I am reprinting excerpts from an earlier post regarding the powerful and influential research findings from John Hattie. The excerpt is from a post on […]

A Blended Journey


School is an adventure. We never know what we may encounter on any given day. Our adventure is filled with twists and turns, open roads and newly created paths. With any journey, we must plan what we want to see, always knowing that we may need to venture down a new path. At the beginning […]

Get Rid of the Jargon and Acronyms. Cut to the Chase.

Let’s talk so we can understand each other. I really enjoyed this thoughtfularticlewhich I am sharing with you today. What a brave newCommon Coreworld! There are so many educational buzzwords I have trouble understanding them. Maybe you do too. The constant is change; the future is now. American school teachers are unsung heroes and sheroes. […]