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Why Students Learn Better When They Teach (+ 4 Activities)


When You Teach Something You Get To Learn It Twice – Jim Kwik Cameron, a former student of mine,who is now in college, commented on my recent post about efficient and effective learning titled Too Much What, Not Enough How. Here’s what he wrote on Facebook: As a student who graduated with a GPA well […]

Mastery Learning: The Basics

Mastery learning doesn’t have to be scary. A lot of times when I talk about Mastery Learning with teachers, I can see them slowly start back away and sometimes even getting noticeably scared. I’ll be honest, itcanbe scary, but it doesn’thaveto be. Giving up control, managing aself-paced classroom, and transitioning toMastery Learningcan be done if […]

The Art of Mastery: What Defines a Master Teacher?

I had a conversation this week with an educator that I would define as a master teacher. “What,” she asked, “defines mastery in teachers?” Is it years of experience? Self-efficacy? Or perhaps a set of specific skills that lend themselves to high achievement for students? I would say possibly a combination of all three. Can […]

Removing Escape Hatches from Your Classroom

escape hatch

A common theme I get asked about during my workshops is student motivation, or student effort. No matter what management techniques or systems you have in your classroom to maintain behavior, instilling a culture of working hard, or “grit” as some like to call it, is probably one of the most difficult things you can […]

Make Learning Last With Recall


The strategy I am presenting you with today is a game changer. It has the potential to make experts out of learners and it makes learning last. You might already know the learning strategy I am talking about, because it’s been around the block. I have not invented it. I knew it before, but it […]

Want Students to Learn? Don’t Just Tell Them What You Are Teaching


“Life is not a matter of chance… it is a matter of choice.” ― Ka Should we leave our students’ learning up to chance? The answer seems simple enough right? But its application isn’t automatic. It is a conscious choice we must make as educators. I have a confession to make. I have been a […]

Brain Hacking 202: Help Students Make Sense Out Of Nonsense


We make sense out of the world around us by forming connections in our brains. The more of these connections (information chunks) we have, the easier it is for our neurons to form new connections and understandings. Some concepts presented to young minds in schools are so new that they struggle with the initial understanding. […]

Opera Karaoke: an Analogy for Learning


Sometimes inspiration comes from unusual places. This week it came through the mail. I don’t always take the time to read through my alumni magazine but when I do I’m never disappointed. This edition contains a particularly great quote from David Anderegg, a professor at my alma mater, Bennington College. I think every educator should […]

Total Confusion? What to Do When No One Gets It


One of the most frustrating moments in a teacher’s school day can strike without warning. In the midst of a carefully planned lesson, it is possible for even the very best teachers in a school to experience the sinking feeling that happens as soon as they realize that no one is getting it. No one […]

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