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Why Students Learn Better When They Teach (+ 4 Activities)


When You Teach Something You Get To Learn It Twice – Jim Kwik Cameron, a former student of mine,who is now in college, commented on my recent post about efficient and effective learning titled Too Much What, Not Enough How. Here’s what he wrote on Facebook: As a student who graduated with a GPA well […]

Mastery Learning: The Basics

Mastery learning doesn’t have to be scary. A lot of times when I talk about Mastery Learning with teachers, I can see them slowly start back away and sometimes even getting noticeably scared. I’ll be honest, itcanbe scary, but it doesn’thaveto be. Giving up control, managing aself-paced classroom, and transitioning toMastery Learningcan be done if […]

Teachers, Which Mic Will We Choose?


I owned a Grandmaster Flash record. I bought LL Cool J’s Bigger & Deffer cassette tape when it first came out. I’ve seen De La Soul in concert. I thought I knew a little bit about hip hop. Well, it turns out that that is all I know. A little bit. But I am always […]

How To Keep Lesson Design Simple, But Powerful


It’s simple really. Use the Power of Three when designing lessons. The Power of Three (also called the Rule of Three) is the idea that when we group things in threes they are more doable, more memorable, and more fun. It helps me keep things simple, but powerful. In this blog, I want to show […]

3 Easy Ways to Increase Student Engagement Today


Have you seen the video games that kids play these days? They are absolutely amazing! Maybe not always appropriate, but amazing! I can remember when I thought that Atari’s Tanks and Space Invaders were incredible. And at the time, they were. Besides video games, kids today have access to technology the likes of which we […]

Make Vocabulary Fun with Digital Breakouts

Engaging students in vocabulary review is challenging. Here is a strategy for using digital breakouts to make vocabulary review fun and challenging. Step One: Build aQuizlet deck. Quizlet is a great tool for making vocabulary flash cards. TheQuizlet Livefeature is another fun way to review vocabulary with students. Step Two: Click on “Test.” The Quizlet […]

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