5 Ways to Make Your Read-alouds Work!


Reading aloud to kids is an experience that almost everyone who has spent time with children has in common. Whether you’re a veteran teacher or a teenage babysitter, you’ve probably touched the magic that we create when we take the time to read with kids. I’ve had some amazing experiences as a parent and a […]

Thank You Teachers, But …


I have been out of the classroom – let me start over – I have not been a classroom teacher for over ten years. Technically speaking, as an elementary school assistant principal, I am in and out of classrooms every day. But … there is a huge difference between being in a classroom and running […]

Teachers, Do You Know What the R Stands For?


The first time it happened I cracked up. The little girl’s response took me totally by surprise. And then it happened again. Awesome! Totally awesome! I remember like it was yesterday. A young girl, probably about six years old, walked past me wearing a hat with the letter R on it. I, being the outgoing […]

More Obi-Wan, Less Darth


Star Wars has been a part of our collective childhoods since the seventies and with Disney planning on expanding the Star Wars presence in their theme parks, it looks like it will be for many years to come. It is here where I must hesitantly admit that my son, just six years old, is hooked. […]

A Teacher’s Presence


He woke up crazy-early. 5 am to be exact. That in my opinion is too early for a little kid to be awake. And it was apparent by the way he behaved. Or didn’t, to be more exact. I brought a blanket and a pillow downstairs, hoping he would lie down and maybe–just maybe–fall asleep. […]

Five Tips For Helping Angry Children Have Better Days


Oftentimes the most difficult part of an educator’s day is not the curriculum they teach or the long hours they work. For many educators, what keeps us up at night is trying to figure out how to best meet the social and emotional needs of their students. While this is an area in which I […]

How To Keep Lesson Design Simple, But Powerful


It’s simple really. Use the Power of Three when designing lessons. The Power of Three (also called the Rule of Three) is the idea that when we group things in threes they are more doable, more memorable, and more fun. It helps me keep things simple, but powerful. In this blog, I want to show […]

4 Learning Strategies To Stress With Students


Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash Let’s be honest. High school, middle school, elementary; most students don’t know how to learn effectively. It’s because they are rarely taught about their brain. They know it’s there. They use it. And yet… They don’t know how to guide it. Few consider how to leverage their brain to […]

Paying Attention to Fashion

mens fashion

There are times – many I am certain – when, because of my magnificent expertise in planning for engagement, every single one of my students is paying attention. To me. All of them. Eager to hear my every word. Eager to learn. There are those other times too. Ten minutes into a tale of the […]

Teach Them How To Learn So They Can Own The Future


I love this quote by David Geurin, a Missouri high school principal. Check out David’s blog for more progressive and game changing teaching and leading ideas. Here’s another quote I love and wholeheartedly agree with. “Our job as teachers is not to “prepare” kids for something; our job is to help kids learn to prepare […]

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