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Click Farms & Sock Puppets

sock puppet

The 2017 YouTube video#Socialnomicshas recently reported that we are preparing almost 30% of studentsfor jobs that don’t exist yet. I’ve always wondered what kind of jobs they could be. Sadly, we are learning about them in today’s times. I was exposed to three new terms this year that didn’t exist years ago: Click Barns Sock […]

Can Traditionalists Learn to Accept Tech in ECE?

child and computer

There’s an ongoing debate about the use of digital devices in the early childhood classroom. And, to be perfectly honest, there are few who are more skeptical – and worried – than I am. So I invited Warren Buckleitner, author of Buckleitner’s Guide to Using Tablets with Young Children, to Studentcentricity in an effort to […]

Flexibility is Key: Knowing When to Change Tech Lessons


“I won’t use technology in my classroom because I can’t use technology in my classroom. I can’t write this reflection, and I certainly can’t do a final digital presentation project that I would use in my classroom.” That was a strange thing to hear one of my student teachers say in the Tech 110 course […]

Hour of Code: A reflection on the importance of teaching coding.


On Wednesday, December 9th, our school hosted an Hour of Code event in conjunction with Computer Science Education Week 2015. We sent the flyer home in the middle of last week and within a few days we knew this event was going to be well-attended. The building in which I teach is a 3rd and […]

Teachers Using Technology in the Classroom


Do you remember using a cassette player, floppy disk, or having to hand crank the window of your car for it to go down? Did you own an encyclopedia and used it to do research? Our students can’t relate to any of these things. Most of them don’t know a world without internet. They don’t […]

Planning for 1:1 Device Roll-Out


Many school districts are now incorporating a 1:1 or 1:2 device model. This means that every student or every two students are given a device. However, there is a lot of planning that should also take place before a roll-out. Quantity- How many students do you have? Have many extras will you need? Model- Are […]

When Teachers Have a Different Device than the Students


Teachers just like students have a variety of abilities when it comes to technology. One thing that seems to be a common practice in education, is to give the teachers a PC or Mac and give students a different device like a tablet or chromebook. How is the a teacher suppose to learn how to […]

A Response to Professors Banning Laptops


Banning Laptops in The Lecture Hall I’ve been hearing about big changes in education since I started teaching nearly 20 years ago. In recent years, I’ve actually been seeing some real innovation that has challenged teachers to move beyond the same model of instruction that we have been using for centuries. My optimism faded a […]

Technology is NOT an Add-On: Revisited


It was one year ago that I wrote this post, and I had to return to it, reflecting on my own thoughts, finding them still incredibly relevant today. As devices in our schools have increased, it is imperative we remained focused on WHY those devices are there. It is not about the device. It IS […]

We have to stop pretending…


Anyone who has read Scott McLeod’s blog knows that he is not afraid to challenge the status quo. A few weeks ago, he challenged his readers to join in answering: When it comes to education, what are 5 things that we have to stop pretending? The response has been inspiring. So, I’m happy to join […]

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