How Does Curriculum Fit with Personalization, Technology, and Empowerment? And a Few More Questions.

I often find myself demonstrating this-or-that edtechtool to rooms of educators using content I taught in the classroom. Thanks to the The Great War YouTube channel spurring my interest, I often use World War I content. As I demo a tool or strategy, I will ask the audience a World War I-related question. This is […]

6 Tech Trends Set to Reshape English Language Teaching


We may have come a long way since the days of filling the blackboard with Latin declensions, but the field of formal language teaching and learning is still relatively young. The demand for language instruction is surging: the British Council anticipates two billion people studying English by 2020—and that’s just English. While this field is […]

Click Farms & Sock Puppets

sock puppet

The 2017 YouTube video#Socialnomicshas recently reported that we are preparing almost 30% of studentsfor jobs that don’t exist yet. I’ve always wondered what kind of jobs they could be. Sadly, we are learning about them in today’s times. I was exposed to three new terms this year that didn’t exist years ago: Click Barns Sock […]

How Best to Bust Myths That Harm Childhood?

child and computer 1450x725

I’m not a fan of fear tactics. In fact, I often can be heard railing against them, as I believe the media’s obsession with them has made parents paranoid and forced children into a childhood that doesn’t look remotely like childhoodshould. Take, for example, the belief that earlier is better. Whether we’re discussing athletics or […]

Can I Borrow a Quarter?


Technology always moves at the speed of exhaustion, but didyou know about the LifeLine Modernization Act of 2016?The super short version: the 226-page act provides those families that live in poverty to qualify for a $9.75 internet grant for each home. So what? Well…the same exact families are also qualified for reduced rates (Free / […]

Book Review: Blending Leadership

the leader wallpaper 6fbc9

Recently, I was able to get my hands on a copy of Blending Leadership: Six Simple Beliefs for Leading Online and Off by Stephen Valentine (@sjvalentine) and Reshan Richards (@reshanrichards), illustrated by Brad Ovenell-Carter (@Braddo). First, to save you the suspense, these six beliefs (which encompass the majority of the book) proclaim that blended leaders: […]

Can Traditionalists Learn to Accept Tech in ECE?

child and computer

There’s an ongoing debate about the use of digital devices in the early childhood classroom. And, to be perfectly honest, there are few who are more skeptical – and worried – than I am. So I invited Warren Buckleitner, author of Buckleitner’s Guide to Using Tablets with Young Children, to Studentcentricity in an effort to […]

Are you asking these questions about #edtech?

ed tech

In a previous blog post, I suggested educators, particularly leaders, ask this question about technology use: How does the technology advance us toward our vision for learning? Keeping in mind that learner agency is a big part of that vision, I’ve been intrigued by a quote from Gary Stager: Technology is not neutral. It bestows […]

Garbage Trucks and Innovation

stencil 2

“Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success.” – Stephen Covey Today when I was walking my dog in the neighborhood I stopped and took a few minutes to watch the waste management truck pick up the garbage and recycling. I watched the driver of the truck […]

The Problem with App Smashing


According to EdTechTeacher, “App Smashing is the process of using multiple apps to create projects or complete tasks.” According to Wikipedia, inquiry-based learning “starts by posing questions, problems or scenarios – rather than simply presenting established facts or portraying a smooth path to knowledge.” The Problem On many occasions, I have seen/read about App Smashing […]

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