You’re Not Mental

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I hope everyone knows the above quote. If not, you need to stop reading this andNetflixthis movie! I’ve done it, you’ve done it, and everyone you’ve worked with has done it. At some point, you’ve taken a day off, but you didn’t use a vacation day, you weren’t sick, and you did things just for […]

Tips For Imaginative Educators #15: Lure Them With Abstraction

It can be intoxicating to realize that a whole world of abstract ideas exists that can explain and help us interpret the world of our daily lives. If supported in thinking in theoretical ways, many of our senior students/adult learners quickly and thoroughly take to the powerful understanding of the world that abstract ideas can […]

Sleuths In My Class


Most, if not all, of the material I use in my classes is decided upon after the first three or four lessons. It’s very important to me to know my students’ tastes and interests, so I can provide them with an easy-going and uplifting learning process. I want my lessons to be meaningful, powerful and […]

Peer Approval Addiction is Real


So what the heck is peer approval addiction? If you work with tweens and teens you need to know about this. Don’t bother looking it up in anything official, though, because I made up the term myself after 18 years of answering email questions from middle and high school students. These messages come to me […]

You Can Have It All – but There’s a Catch


Time heals all hurts. One cliché I think we have taught to our kids without totally being truthful is “you can have it all.” I’ve thought about this over and over as I have had numerous conversations about being all things to all people. In reality, no matter how many movies or television shows we […]

Listening Between the Lines


I recently woke up and realized that over the last eight years I’ve been a fly on the wall in over 2,500 discussions between some of the most thoughtful, passionate and fascinating educators in the nation–from wildly influential thought leaders like Sir Ken Robinson, Diane Ravitch, Randi Weingarten, and Secretary Arne Duncan to the next […]

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