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Standardized Testing Makes a Brave Child Fearful

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What are we doing to our children? You would think a third grader living with cystic fibrosis who is a competitive swimmer would not be distressed about having to take standardized tests. After all, she handles blood draws, throat cultures, medications, and treatments like a pro. She’s never nervous in a swim meet. Yet the […]

Wagons Are For Babies Anyway


Timmy the turtle knew the big day was coming. His first day of school was only amonth away and he was very excited. His brothers and sistershad alwaysloved school and he just knew that he would too. They would come home each day and tell him of the grand adventures that they had had in […]

Testing Young Children… At What Expense- and Why?


This is a very interesting topic, especially in light of the expectations our Department of Education makes on schools and teachers, even as far down as preschool. Children are given a Kindergarten Readiness test and this will often determine whether or not a child will enter Kindergarten or be required to stay out a year. […]

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