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Where’s All the Daddies?: Engaging Fathers in Early Childhood Programs

Statistics and family studies provide us with some answers to why some dads will never see the inside of their child’s classroom. One in three children don’t have a father present in the home. That’s a little over 24 million and the number is growing. Some dads, for various reasons, have learned to mistrust schools. […]

Open Them, Shut Them: Strengthening Toddlers’ Fine Motor Skills

Development progresses proximodistally, from the body core outward. Toddlers are newly gaining control over their arms, hands, and fingers. They have moved from palmar to pincer grasp and now have the ability to use their fingers with more precision. We can provide activities to prepare little hands to someday play a musical instrument, fly across […]

Testing Young Children… At What Expense- and Why?


This is a very interesting topic, especially in light of the expectations our Department of Education makes on schools and teachers, even as far down as preschool. Children are given a Kindergarten Readiness test and this will often determine whether or not a child will enter Kindergarten or be required to stay out a year. […]

I Have to Write a Professional Philosophy Statement for my CDA? YIKES!


Because you are committed to your work with young children, the Council wants to know about your philosophy of caring for and educating them. Start out by asking yourself what you believe about young children… what are their needs and how do they learn best? How do you meet these needs and provide for optimal […]

The CDA Exam… How Does It Work?


The computer-generated CDA Exam is taken at a Pearson VUE Testing Center. A location near you can be found by using the Pearson VUE Website at: You can make your appointment online or by calling 1-866-507-5627. If you will require special accommodations related to a disability, you will need to locate and download a […]

Attending a Conference This Year?


Learning new information that builds on what we already know gives a boost to our classroom performance. We bring back these new ideas to put into immediate use with the children. ttending an early childhood conference is a great way to immerse oneself in new ideas and information. Many presentations will provide CEUs for attending […]

Setting Goals and Making Changes


As Early Childhood professionals, we need to be constantly looking ahead and staying ahead. Research continues to provide new insight into the growth and development of young children. This, in turn, impacts how we can best approach caring for and teaching them. Oftentimes, working in the profession for a number of years creates a plateau […]

Preparing for Your CDA Observation by the PD Specialist? What about a Self-Study?

manyWhat’s in It for Me? How Does a Self-Study Work? Rate each Indicator a 3, 2, or 1, with 1 being the lowest. For every item you rate below a 3, make a note in the margin of the specific issue, your plan to remedy it, and who might be able to help you. When […]

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