On Celebrating a Milestone Birthday!

I was born on Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, January 15th. I always figured that, in part gave birth to my strong social conscience. It certainly has been a guiding force in how and why I dedicated my life to teaching and learning with others, all ages, stages, needs and gifts. In particular, teaching scholars-in-waiting […]

Taking Spring Textbook Walk! Or Not?

Textbooks: How old are yours? Takea Spring Textbook Walk. Or, Not! Is this the end of the 35 pound backpack, stuffed lockers and extinction of textbooks? One School was in the news this past year. Apparently, the administration, Principal and Assistant Principal ordered a round up of all the textbooks in the school, piled them […]

Is it Homework or Busy Work?

homework stress

It’s The Age Old Debate Depending on which camp you belong to, you are either starting to get fired up about students needing practice at home, OR you are thinking “down with homework!” To be honest, I see the merit of both arguments and there is a lot of research out there that supports practice […]

Why Is Changing the School System Such a Pain?


Check out my New Years Resolution from January 1, 2016. “Change the face of global education forever by changing all the schools everywhere for the better.” Simple enough right? All I have to do is to get EVERYONE EVERYWHERE to do this. Well, the last row… Seriously. If you are a human being working with […]

Jump Start Growth


Recently,a mentor I respectgreatly said something that deeply resonated with me. It was as if he said it just for me and me alone. He put words to something I often feel, but shrink away from admitting out loud. He declared, “I often feel weighed down by my own disappointment over my past failures to […]

Educate Mind and Heart


This is an exciting time in public education in America and in Illinois. We are at a crucial crossroads in terms of accountability, funding, structure, pensions, research, 19th to 21st Century foundation, public vs. private, Ed reformers vs. Ed Transformers, digital revolution, etc. In our school district, we are in the middle of an impressive, […]

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