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Race Car Driver

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Valerie stood in my doorway and quietly tapped. “Here’s the file you asked for, Mr. Ramsey,” she said. “New boy, Gonzalo Pomelo, eighth grade, Mrs. Duarte’s homeroom.” I took the file and thanked my secretary. As I opened to the first page, she added, “By the way, he’s here in the lobby waiting to see […]

You’re Not Mental

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I hope everyone knows the above quote. If not, you need to stop reading this andNetflixthis movie! I’ve done it, you’ve done it, and everyone you’ve worked with has done it. At some point, you’ve taken a day off, but you didn’t use a vacation day, you weren’t sick, and you did things just for […]

Tips For Imaginative Educators #11: Get Controversial

Engage Their Inner Rebel. Adolescence contains the makings of a perfect storm. At a time when young people are establishing asense of self and getting a grasp on how the world works, they also have limited freedom. There are rules. Everywhere. They have “written” and “unwritten” rules to follow at school, at home, in society […]

Because I Love You


This happens every time! She cooks and then she leaves the kitchen and the surrounding area a mess. Then I have to be the bad guy and remind her to clean it up. I do like that she loves to cook and to be honest she is quite good at it. Well yesterday she made […]

Technology Use in Teenagers and Children Shaping New Health Problems

teens and tech

The innovative age of technology continues to inspire youth, both teenagers and children. This technology, however, may be causing serious health problems across young generations as well. And teenagers are embracing technology more than any other age demographic. According to statistics portal Statista, smartphone users between the ages of 18 and 24 spend over 90 […]

Think Play Is Only for Little Kids?

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If so, you’ll definitely want to listen to my discussion with Denise Pope and Sandra Russ, in which they explain the role of play in the lives of tweens and teens! As Denise says, “Research shows that kids of all ages need daily play time, down time, and family time.” And, no, they’re not talking […]

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