The Road Less Traveled: Challenging Behavior and Becoming Mindful


When we talk about children’s challenging behavior, there are several conversational roads we take. The first, more old-fashioned and “mindless”, instead of “mindful” (Ellen J. Langer)road we take is this: “He’s spoiled. His father does everything for him. They don’t’ discipline him at home.”This is a comment from a very young ECE student about a […]

Good Guy, Bad Guy, or THE Guy?

public speaking

So… here we are again…another summer that flies by, another school year ready to kick off, and another few weeks of thoughts swirling in my head about what exactly to say to the hundreds of staff members who wait for my every last breath.

The Journey to Transform Learning Starts Here


Leadership Arguably, the most significant role of an educational leader is communicatinga compelling vision for learning in the classroom and throughout the organization – school or district. I keep coming back to this quote from the recent book, Illuminate, by Duarte & Sanchez whenever I think of the influence a leader has over the vision […]

How Might Learning with Technology Look Different If….


In recent posts I’ve written about the importance of vision and the need for leaders to anchor conversations around technology use in that vision. After the most recent post, Gary Stager shared an article he wrote titled Outside the Skinner Box: Can Education Technology Make a Course Correction? The article is a “must read” and […]

Do we have a crisis of vision? 5 resources to help define a compelling vision for learning

Vision 742x285

As leaders, we are focused on changing and improving learning in the classroom, but do we know where we are going? Do we have a clear picture of where we want our actions to take us? If asked to share our beliefs about learning, what would we say? How are those beliefs shaped by access […]

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