Tips For Imaginative Educators #13: Go To Extremes For Learning

Bookslike the Guinness Book of World Records or Ripley’s Believe it Or Not never stay on the shelf for long. Young people tend to be fascinated (even obsessed)with the limits of experience andthe extremes of reality–these kinds of books reveal all the record-breaking aspects of the world.I recall leafing through our own home copy of […]

Tips For Imaginative Educators #10: Humanize

Every learner is unique. Effective teachers know this and they work constantly and creatively tomeet the needs of all the students in their classrooms. Effective teachers also knowthat amidst the great diversity within theirclassrooms, there is something that all learners share:emotional responses. Every topic you teach connects to anemotional human experience. Shared human emotions createthe […]

Tips for Imaginative Educators #9: Let them Obsess

Don’t worry, theyaren’t hoarders. You may be relieved to hear that it’s very common for young peopleto collect things. Starting fromabout age 7 through to about age 14 or 15, collecting is a popular pastime formanyyoung people.What did you collect? One thing Icollected was stickers. I still have my sticker books and–believe it or not–30+ […]

Tips For Imaginative Educators #8: Identify The Heroic

The world is full of heroes. Some of our heroes are peoplethat exemplify qualities such as ingenuity, flexibility, agility, determination, or reliability. For example, we are impressed bytheextraordinary speed and strength of basketball playerLebron James, or theextraordinary agility and accuracy of soccer player LionelMessi. We are awestruck by the perceptiveness and intelligenceof scientist Marie Curie. […]

Tips For Imaginative Educators #5: Engage The Body

Human beings have bodies. Obvious? Yes. Unfortunately, the fact that all learnershave bodies is far too often forgotten in education. After elementary school, it is unusual to see educatorsemploying teaching and learning practices that engage the body. When I was a secondary school teacher I rarely saw embodied practices in any classes other than Fine […]

How To Make Your Teaching Meaningful And Memorable

A second post title: Evoke Feelings for Fractions, Photosynthesis, & Forces. Some people might find it odd to read feelings and fractions in the same sentence. The truth is, we don’t talk much about feelings in education. When we do, our discussion tends to focus on the social and emotional needs of students rather than […]