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How Do You Define Sticky Systemic?

Professional Development

In the last post we explored the importance of professional development leading to change that is sticky systemic: When a topic is the primary focus of professional development, the goal should be for change that is sticky systemic. That is, the change should be (1) sustainable and (2) prevalent across the district/school(s). Since the post […]

4 Ways to Make Professional Development Sticky Systemic


This past year at the elementary level we spent the entire year familiarizing ourselves with Writing Workshop, with the idea all teachers will hit the ground running with this framework in 2016-2017. Formal professional development included: three three-hour sessions, a six-hour consultant workshop, an all-day site visit to a school in New Jersey, optional planning […]

The Only Way to Evaluate Professional Development

This year at the elementary level, the majority of our professional development efforts have focused on Writing Workshop, with the idea that next school year all teachers (and students) will be able hit the ground running with this method of instruction. With these thoughts in mind, I regularly ask myself, “How will we know if […]

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