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Hey, Preschool Teacher: Is It You or a Screen? I Choose YOU

So, I really wasn’t expecting what I witnessed today, but somehow, it didn’t surprise me. I took the morning to visit a childcare center that might potentially partner with our Early Childhood program to provide practicum experiences for our students. We currently have contracts with about six or seven centers that align with our philosophy, […]

Conversations – Not Apps — Grow Children’s Language

teacher and children

Those of us with children have all been there: standing in a queue as long as the river Nile at the supermarket with a slowly unraveling toddler in the cart. You could hand her your iPhone with a colorful app that bings and boings to forestall that tantrum. Or, you could talk to her – […]

You Do WHAT in Kindergarten? Coding Club


This year I have had the amazing opportunity to participate in a few Voxer groups that have given me the nudge to pursue coding at my school. With great mentorship fromAdam WelcomeandDr. Brad GustafsonI was able to really wrap my head around-do kindergartners really have the ability to code? In January of 2016 we started […]

Strategies for dealing with 1:1 discipline


Taking away a device is not an acceptable approach to discipline in the 1:1 classroom. Some tips: Control when the student opens and closes the device. It’s a natural tendency to be bored and pull out your phone from your pocket and play with it. In the same manner, students don’t always intentionally open their […]

A Chip Off the Old Block? Block Play May Help Children’s Spatial and Mathematical Thinking

We love technology. If it talks to us, requires a charge and responds to a touch, we gotta have it. But is the same true for our kids? Although they love these devices too — just ask any parent with an iPhone or tablet — should parents be tempted to forgo purchasing those colorful blocks […]

Technology for Young Children… A Serious Responsibility


You can’t deny it. Technology is part of life in our society… more so every day. It changes the way we communicate, socialize, conduct business, and handle daily tasks. Children need to be prepared to function in this type of society. We ease them into it with the software we choose and the time we […]

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