The #1 Rule as a Superintendent: SAFETY

Serving as an Armed Special Police Officer, I had to shoot twice a year in order to carry my weapon. 

Someone asked me recently why I am different from other Superintendents. I shared that I have a 13-year law enforcement background serving as an armed Special Police Officer. In New Jersey, officers have to shoot twice a year to “qualify” and carry their gun. The qualification process features a myriad of situations that one could face. That being said, hundreds of hours are spent practicing with only 2% ever having to use their weapon.

When I first started, I was a terrible shot. It took me multiple attempts to successfully fire my weapon at a target. I could not “suit up” until I could properly shoot. Thankfully, with superb instruction and practice, I did it.

Having a law enforcement background has allowed me to come in with a completely different mindset when it comes to keeping everyone safe. If there is no feeling of safety, no student will learn and no employee will work to their potential.

Coming full circle, as a Superintendent I will always strive to ensure that all will be safe. If I ever had to be in a situation where lives are on the line, I won’t run. I won’t hide. I won’t cower behind press releases. I will work with those who put their lives on the line do whatever it takes to protect our learners and employees.

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