The Do-Over

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Sitting on a plane is typically not my favorite thing to do. However, it’s been a great time for me to catch up on reading. I have no excuses not to; no screaming kids (that are mine), no texts, and I even try to refrain from Netflix.

I read a book review ofDo Overby Jon Acuff a few weeks back and couldn’t help but to laugh. The review spoke about how people dread Mondays, their current job, and how people feel stuck in their Groundhog-Day-likejobs (if you don’t get the reference, you need towatch this). Being that I’m always talking or tweeting about how people should leave their job if they are not happy, I was intrigued.

The book eventually delved into a myriad of issues that deal with relationships, skills, character, and hustle. These four qualities help you shape your entire career and how you will proceed.

Some great quotes and takeaways from the book include:

Relationships get you your first job; your skills get you your second.There’s so much truth to that. Think of your first career or non-career job. What did you know? Nothing until you stepped into that job. You got that job because you sold yourself as being the best person for that job. You really learned how to do it once you started it. And yes, this includesEVERYjob in the education field.

When it comes to career relationships, invest in those that you want to keep.Sure, you think everyone one you work with is wonderful at the lunch table (kidding). Yes, you have a circle of friends you keep aroundbut are they REALLY your friends? If they are, take the time to really know them. They will be with you on your entire journey, whether it be in the same place or not.

Foes are everywherebut limit your defintion. Chances are, people are not out to kill you. Yes, some will try to make your life miserable, are jealous of you, and even will lie about you so they can succeed. You can’t obsess over them, and you can’t compare the ones that are online to the ones in real life. As the author states, “if the internet foes were in person, you’d ignore them.”

Miserable foes lovecompany, and also recruits it.Don’t get sucked into foolishness; come in, do your job, do a good one, and proceed with your life.

Don’t burn every bridge you can. Acuff admits that his hands are soaked in gasoline and has done his fair amount of bridge burning. In fact, we all have burned a bridgeor two. But just because you can, do you have to? The workplace is getting smaller and smaller thanks to the internet; chances are you’ll see someone from a burning incident down the line.

When you ignore someone face to face with your phone or computer, you’ve put that person on pause and have made them feel like they don’t matter.I’mguilty of this and have been told more than once occasion to focus. I blame ADD, but it’s really me just trying to get everything done. Not cool. Your relationships are the most important things in life, not technology.

Overall, this was a great read that all employees should check out. This book applies to all walks of life, not just those in education. Your job is what you make of it. Speaking of, it’s time for a glass of lemonade, not sour lemons.

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