The Importance of Building Capacity in Schools: Follow Up (One Week Later)


Last week we learned more about how complex building capacity can be.  To build capacity effectively, change needs to occur in the following processes simultaneously: pedagogical, content, cognitive, affective, behavioral, and organizational processes.  One way to work with your colleagues to build capacity is to ensure that in your school, there is a focus on learning, on hard work, on effort and on achievement.  This must be recognized by teachers, whose actions align with their beliefs that all students are capable and can meet high expectations.

Further Reflection

Have you checked in on this aspect (academic emphasis) of your school’s climate?  When you lead the way to protect instructional time, what does that look like for your school?

Over the past week, hopefully you have taken some time to reflect on the ways you and your team show that you value instructional time. With whom have you spoken?

You’ve worked hard at limiting disruptions to precious instructional time, but what else is needed? Is your school experiencing a great deal of change? Do your teachers and other staff need some professional development on ways to build a learning community in the classroom? Do they need support on integrating content to make their lessons more engaging?

Time To Act

How do you show that you privilege learning in your school?  Show us your plans. Share what you are doing. Share your evaluation processes.

As we all work towards building more equitable schools where education is accessible for all, we must work towards developing academic optimism where everyone believes that learning is important, that teachers have the capacity to help students achieve and that students and parents/carers have trusting relationships where all three work cooperatively to help students achieve.  We are truly #BetterTogether.

Let’s go!


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