10 Ways to Help Students Cope With How Covid-19 Is Disrupting School Life

Rosa Isiah with Vanessa Clark

Our normal routines have been drastically altered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Listen in to learn how to help children deal with their fear and anxiety as well as managing our own wide range of emotions and concerns.

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Vanessa Clark is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience working with children, adolescents, families, adults and older adults dealing with anxiety, depression and trauma. Her work has been a combination of outpatient behavioral health services in Long Beach, Santa Monica, Downtown LA and schools in Los Angeles County. Recently, she has worked with the K-5 student population at an Elementary School in Lawndale, CA with over 400 students. Her primary goal as a School Social Worker was addressing the social-emotional needs of students, parent education centered around social-emotional learning and linking families to appropriate resources to meet their individualized needs.
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