11 Smart Tips for Navigating the Ed Tech Jungle

Larry Ferlazzo with Anna Bartosik, Jared Covili, Sam Patterson

Larry Ferlazzo believes that the education technology space is a jungle that requires insight to navigate safely. Tune in as his guests share their best tips.

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November 3, 2016
Episode Guests
Anna Bartosik is an ESL professor from Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada. She is a teacher/facilitator with an extensive background in ESL/ELT education. Jared Covili is a professional development trainer for the Utah Education Network who specializes in teaching strategies for classroom integration of technology. Sam Patterson is the Tk-6 Makerspace Coordinator for Echo Horizon School in Culver City, CA. He published the book Programming the Primary Grades, Beyond the Hour of Code. Jared is the author of two books - Going Google and Classroom in the Cloud.
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