3 Pockets of Profitabilty in This Tough Education Marketplace

Bob Stimolo, Adrienne Watts Dayton

It’s a rough climate out there for businesses selling products and services to the education market. But there are some bright spots, though apparently, not where most people think. In this brief segment we talk with two industry leaders who have their finger on the pulse of the education marketplace and know where education businesses can find the pockets of profitability.
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Episode Guests
Bob Stimolo is a veteran education marketer with almost 40 years of experience and has helped plan and execute hundreds of sales and marketing campaigns into the preK-12 market. He is the publisher of School Marketing Newsletter, a monthly newsletter now in its 30 th year of publication. Adrienne Watts Dayton is VP Marketing at The National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA), which represents over 1,550 manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and independent manufacturers representatives of school supplies, equipment, and instructional materials.
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