5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety and Prepare for Instructional Coaching

Anthony Rebora with Nina Morel

Our guest acknowledges that we have not prepared teachers to get the most out of coaching.  Nina Morel offers practical steps teachers can take independently to make coaching a positive and enriching experience.

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Nina Morel, Ed.D., is Executive Director of Leadership Development and Coaching and former Dean of Professional Studies at Lipscomb University. She has developed and led innovative coaching programs as well as competency-based online undergraduate and graduate programs. She is the winner of the Milken National Educator Award and has taught at the secondary and university levels. As a school district administrator, Morel created and led large scale coaching and ESL initiatives. Morel is the author of “Learning from Coaching: How do I work with an instructional coach to grow as a teacher?” (ASCD, 2014); “How to Build an Instructional Coaching Program for Maximum Capacity” (Corwin, 2012); and "Redefining Competency-Based Education: Competencies for Life" (Business Expert Press, 2018).
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