6 Better Ways to Teach Reading and Fluency

Rae Pica withTodd Finley, Julie Adams, Melanie Link Taylor

One of the most common ways to teach reading and fluency is through popcorn or round- robin reading. Our guests identify the shortcomings of this approach and offer several better strategies.

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March 31, 2015
Episode Guests
Todd Finley, PhD is an English education professor at East Carolina University, an assistant editor and blogger for Edutopia, and a co-author of a forthcoming book on classroom design for Rowman and Littlefield. Julie Adams, founder of Adams Educational Consulting (AEC), is an educational consultant providing CCSS Critical Thinking, Neuroscience, Content Literacy, Writing, School Culture, Digital Literacy and Instructional Leadership training and coaching to public and private schools world-wide. Melanie Link Taylor teaches both general ed. and Special Ed. She blogs on education topics melanielinktaylor.mzteachuh.org.
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