A Survival Guide for Teaching From Home: What’s Up With Your Teenager?

Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Dr. Loretta Jordan

Covid-19 is turning teachers’ dining rooms into classrooms shared with their own kids.  Our guest takes us inside the mind of teens and tweens who need you to be there for them while you are trying to be there for your students remotely.

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Episode Guests
Loretta Jordan, Psy.D. is an AMFT- Associate MFT has been in higher education for 29 years and performing psychotherapy for 8-years, specializing in couples therapy. She created a high school program at Cal State Fullerton offering skills-building curriculum in 23 high schools in Orange County, CA. She earned doctorate in psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology where she is also adjunct faculty: dissertation topic: The Biracial Experience within Constructs Created by the White Majority  
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