Addiction to Multitasking and How It Has Changing Student Behaviors, Learning, and Teen Brains

Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Sherry Turkle and Kathryn Stamoulis

Our guests assert that our multitasking habit has gotten out of hand. Not only are students and parents doing too much of it, but contrary to popular beliefs we are less productive when we multitask, not more. In this segment we take a look at how multitasking is impacting teens and discuss practical strategies for getting control of the habit.
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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Sherry Turkle is the Abby Rockefeller Mauzé Professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology in the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at MIT. Professor Turkle’s most recent book is Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other (Basic Books). Kathryn Stamoulis, Ph.D., is a counselor and educational psychologist. She teaches Tweens & Teens at Temple University.
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