Another Amazing Story From The Leading Edge of Project-Based Learning

Vicki Davis withDaniel Pomianek, Norbert Pisz, Sylwia Perykasza and Tomasz Plesniak

In this follow up segment from our series on project-based learning, we talk with students and a teacher involved in another project with the potential for global impact.

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September 13, 2014
Episode Guests
Daniel Pomianek, Norbert Pisz, Sylwia Perykasza, and Tomasz Plesniak are members of two scientific clubs in Poland. The project idea came from one of their groups, which makes software for disabled people. A big inspiration for the team was a man named Michal, who is disabled and unable use a computer with his hands. The team worked to create an affordable, effective, and precise solution for Michal that will help him in everyday life and allow him the luxury of using a computer.
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