Are You Teaching Kids to Read or to Love Reading?

Rae Pica with Dan Willingham, Marcy Guddemi, Dan Brown

Current research indicates that kids love reading most when they are young, but by the teens years they read less than six minutes a day. Why does the love of reading too often diminish as kids grow? More importantly, how can we foster a love of reading in students?

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September 30, 2015
Episode Guests
Dan Willingham is professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, and author of several books, most recently Raising Kids Who Read. As President and CEO of the Gesell Institute of Child Development on the Yale campus, Dr. Marci Guddemi leads in the Institute in its mission of promoting the principles of child development in all decision-making for young. Dan Brown is a National Board Certified Teacher and Director of the Future Educators Association. He is the author of The Great Expectations School: A Rookie Year in the New Blackboard Jungle.
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