At What Age Should Young Children Be Exposed to Classroom Competition?

Rae Pica with Terry Orlick, PhD, Marc Warnke, and Catherine Holecko

Some children’s games are competitive while others are collaborative. There are some educators who believe young children should not be exposed to win/lose games. Others say competitive games prepare young children for the realities of life. Tune in to listen to the rationale for both views.

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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Terry Orlick, PhD, Founder of the Zone of Excellence is a world renowned leader in teaching and coaching people how to perform to their capacity. Marc Warnke, successful enterpreneur authored ONO: Options, not Obligations, which became an Amazon best seller about entrepreneurism and speaks on learning the world of Family First Entrepreneurism. Catherine Holecko is the Guide to Family Fitness, a writer specializing in parenting.
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