Automated Student Tracking: Is It Safe?

Rae Pica with Karen Mitchoff, Nicole A. Ozer, Esq.

RFID is the acronym for radio frequency identification, a system that allows schools to track students’ whereabouts with an electronic device. The system is a creative application of an existing technology that promises to make teachers’ jobs easier But some say the technology has safety issues. Listen to learn more.

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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Karen Mitchoff has worked for Contra Costa County for the past 29 years. Ms. Mitchoff is currently serving as the Mayor of Pleasant Hill, California. Prior to her public service employment, Ms. Mitchoff worked in the legal field for 11 years and was a family law paralegal. Nicole A. Ozer, the Technology and Civil Liberties Policy Director at the ACLU of Northern California. She works on privacy, free speech and new technology and spearheads the organization’s online privacy campaign, Demand your dotRights (
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