Boosting Your Childs “Other” IQ

Rae Pica and Cheri Sterman

Your child’s ability to find innovative solutions and imagine new possibilities is tied to a different kind of intelligence. In this segment Cheri defines this other creative form of intelligence and gives tips on how you can help your child boost his or her “other” IQ.
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May 2, 2009
Episode Guests
Twenty years ago Cheri Sterman joined the Crayola company as the Director of Child Development. She provides kid expertise so Crayola products and programs meet children’s, parents’, and teachers’ needs. Cheri is an experienced educator who has taught young children, their parents, and university students. In addition to leading parenting programs for Head Start and Preschool Enrichment Programs, Cheri is author of How Children Learn and The Power of Creativity, helping adults understand children’s potential.
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