Boycotting Standardized Tests: Good Idea? Will It Make a Difference?

Rae Pica with Jesse Hagopian, Celine Coggins, Patrick Riccards

The national discussion of standardized testing was ratcheted up a notch when five schools in Seattle voted to boycott a standard test. In this segment we interview one of the leaders of the boycott and get some views on what impact, if any, this strategy will likely have on the practice of testing.

Feature Commentary: A minute with Diane Ravitch

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February 26, 2013
Episode Guests
Jesse Hagopian teaches history at Garfield High School, the site of the historic boycott of the MAP test in 2013. He was recipient of the 2012 Abe Keller Foundation award for “excellence and innovation in peace education.” Celine Coggins is the founder and CEO of Teach Plus, a former teacher and current Mind Trust Education Entrepreneur Fellow. Patrick Riccards, CEO of ConnCAN, has more than 20 years of communications political strategy under his belt.
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