Can Authentic Learning Occur Within the Common Core?

Tom Whitby, Nancy Blair,Kaitlin Morgan

There is some question around whether Common Core Standards conflict with authentic learning. Even our hosts have divided views. Tune is as we try to reconcile the divergent views.

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July 15, 2014
Episode Guests
Kaitlin Morgan is a World and US History teacher at Woodlake High School in CA. She strives to create a meaningful classroom experience through the integration of technology, CCSS standards, primary resources, and various engagement strategies. Nancy Blair has returned to public education as a middle school principal in Georgia. She previously served as a school improvement consultant with the High Schools That Work and Making Middle Grades Work initiatives of the Southern Regional Education Board. Tom Whitby is contributing Editor at SmartBrief, founder of #Edchat, Twitter-Using Educators, and NYSCATE Network.
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