Can the Pedagogical Divide Between Early Childhood and Elementary Educators be Bridged?

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Valora Washington and Laura Bornfreund with Holly Elissa Bruno

Do child learn best through play or through listening to their teacher? Is more important for young children to learn to past tests or to explore their world? Different belief systems between early childhood professionals and elementary school educators have fostered long standing conflicts. Today, we’ll look at how to reconcile those differences.
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Episode Guests
Valora Washington is the Founder and President of the CAYL Institute. Throughout her career Valora has co-created several institutions, such as Michigan’s Children, a statewide advocacy group, and the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative, both of which continue to exist. Laura Bornfreund is a Policy Analyst for New America’s Early Education Initiative. She analyzes early education studies and policies, researches and writes original policy papers, and contributes to Early Ed Watch, the Early Education Initiative’s blog.
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