Creating Positive Relationships with Students: Do This, Not That

Larry Ferlazzo with Jacki Glasper, Candace Hines, Adeyemi Stembridge, Mary Beth Nicklaus

In this segment, we discuss the importance of building meaningful relationships with your students and knowing where to draw the line.

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September 29, 2018
Episode Guests
Jacki Glasper has a 14-year background in education, with a majority of that time as a special educator for students that have mild/moderate disabilities as well as a training specialist. Candace Hines is an Elementary Educator and a Regional Presenter, training teachers across various districts in Tennessee. Adeyemi Stembridge, PhD, is an educational consultant specializing in equity-focused school-improvement. He is a coach and thought-partner to teachers and administrators. Mary Beth Nicklaus is a language arts teacher and reading specialist for Wisconsin Rapids Area Middle School in Wisconsin.
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