Dating: Why Teen Relationships Turn Violent

Dr. Regina Rei Lamourelle with Mike Domitrz, Kathryn Stamoulis, Ph.D.

Teens are dating at younger and younger ages, but without the benefit of solid guidelines. Regretfully, many teens are getting misguided relationship cues from television or peers. Often, the result is verbal or physical violence. This segment looks at what parents need to know to get their children on the right relationship path.

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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Mike Domitrz is founder of The Date Safe Project and creator of the award-winning DVD/book set, Help! My Teen is Dating. Real Solutions to Tough Conversations ( Kathryn Stamoulis, PhD., is a counselor and educational psychologist. She specializes in adolescent development, specifically adolescent sexuality and internet behaviors. She teaches Tweens & Teens at Temple University and blogs at “The New Teen Age” on
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