Early Puberty: Causes and Implications for Educators

Rae Pica with Dr. Frank Biro, Dr. Abby Hollander, and Catherine Holecko ,

The rise in the number of girls starting puberty as early as six has put the issue on the radar screen for early childhood professionals who must deal with the diverse implications of working with the precocious child. What are the factors driving early puberty? What is the physical, emotional, psychological and academic impact on the child? What do early childhood educators, care takers, and parents need to know to adapt to the prematurely developed child? Tune in and find out.

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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Dr. Frank Biro Director, Adolescent Medicine Division Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Dr. Abby Hollander, Associate Professor of Pediatrics Washington University School of Medicine. Catherine Holecko is the About.com Guide to Family Fitness, a writer specializing in parenting, and the mother of two active young children. Seventeen years of journalism, eight years of motherhood, and six years of living in a chilly climate have all helped her find many ways to fit in family fitness and overcome obstacles to exercise.
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