EdCamp Global: How Do We Prepare Students and Teachers for Global Learning?

Billy Krakower,Jennifer Williams, Jaime Donally, Cassie Reeder

Teaching is changing, learning is changing and professional development is changing. Education is going global. How do we prepare our students and teachers for global learning?

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July 18, 2015
Episode Guests
Jennifer Williams-as the co-founder and lead program developer for Calliope Global, Jennifer Williams works with schools, universities, and organizations from around the world. Jaime Donally is an Instructional Technology Specialist and Founder of @edcampGlobal.Cassie Reeder is currently a third grade teacher and GAFE trainer within her school district in Richardson, TX. Billy Krakower is a co-moderator and is a Computer & Resource Reading Room Teacher in Woodland Park, N.J.
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