Education at the Crossroads: Which Direction Is Your School Heading?

Tom Whitby,Mark E. Weston, Carina Hilbert

Highlights from a robust #edchatdiscussion on teachers being change agents in an education landscape that is shifting beneath their feet.

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Carina Hilbert, Mark E. Weston, Tom Whitby @carinahilbert
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July 21, 2015
Episode Guests
Carina Hilbert is a Spanish teacher for an urban district in Southwest Michigan, and she teaches in an alternative high school in the morning and a middle school in the afternoon. She has taught English and Spanish in grades 6-12 in private, public, and charter schools to students of all SES levels. Mark E. Weston has served in key positions at Dell Inc., Apple Computer, Education Commission of the States, United States Department of Education, United States House of Representatives, and several school districts in Iowa. Tom Whitby is former contributing Editor at SmartBrief, founder of #Edchat, Twitter-Using Educators, and NYSCATE Network.
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