Epic Project-Based Learning Using Virtual Worlds

Andrew Miller and Terry Heick with Lucas Gillispie

In this segment we talk with an instructional technology leader in a school district that is using Minecraft for game-based learning with some pretty spectacular results. Our guest talks about setting up the program, managing it, and how to think creatively about connecting the game to the curriculum.

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April 23, 2013
Episode Guests
Lucas Gillispie is an Instructional Technologist for Pender County Schools in North Carolina. He is the founder of the WoWinSchool Project, a program designed to explore the educational potential of online games like World of Warcraft with middle schoolers and leads one of the largest school-based Minecraft implemen- tations in the world. Lucas is an internationally recognized speaker, and shares his experiences and resources on his blog: https://www.edurealms.com.
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