Fear of Men in Early Childhood Education

Lylah Alphonse, Ron McGuckin, and Bryan Nelson

Whether its on the quiet or in your face the fear of men in early education is widespread. Yes, it’s difficult to quantify and talk about, but It’s real. From parents, to administrators the fear of men who work with young children has a significant impact in classrooms and beyond. We brought together a parent, a male educator and early education attorney to look at the fear and the reality of Men in ECE.
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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Lylah M. Alphonse is an editor and writer at the Boston Globe, where she writes about parenting news, trends, and issues for the Child Caring blog at Boston.com/Moms. Ron McGuckin of Ronald V. McGuckin and Associates has gained a national reputation as The Child Care Lawyer. Each year he trains thousands of child care professionals on a variety of issues. Bryan G. Nelson has worked with young children, men, fathers and families since the 1980s. He is founding director of MenTeach.org and serves as faculty at Metropolitan State University in Minnesota.
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