Gossip: Small Talk, Big Impact on Classrooms and Children

GOSSIP: Small Talk, Big Impact on Classrooms and Children
Holly Elissa Bruno with host Errol St. Clair Smith

Gossip in early child care settings
harms staff, parents and children.
It may surprise you to find out who does it most, who does it best and why we do it. Tune in as Holly Elissa Bruno spells out how to create a “gossip free zone.” Hint: It starts at the top.
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Holly Elissa Bruno, author, teacher and keynote speaker in early childhood education leadership, worked as Assistant Attorney General for the state of Maine. An alumna of Harvard University’s Institute for Educational Management, Holly Elissa teaches leadership and management courses for Wheelock College across the country. Her articles have been published in Child Care Exchange and NAEYC’s Young Children journal.
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