Has Your Teen Developed the Basic Mental Skills for Academic Success?

Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Dr. Ken Gibson and Ugo Uche

The ability to focus and concentrate, to not get distracted, to handle two tasks at one time, and the speed with which we process information are called cognitive skills. These skills are the fundamental tools required to do well academically. All totalled there are 70 skills and they determine how easy and fast learning will be for any teen. This segment discussed how these skills are developed and how they can be strengthened.
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May 8, 2009
Episode Guests
Dr. Ken Gibson is a passionate education pioneer with a lifelong pursuit of helping struggling students learn faster and easier. In January 2002, this passion culminated in the founding of LearningRx, Inc., a brain skills testing and training network with more than 60 centers across the United States. Ugo Uche is a licensed professional counselor who specializes with adolescents and young adults in his practice. Raised in Nigeria, Ugo brings a cross-cultural perspective to his work.
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