Hidden Causes of Low Parental Engagement in Urban Schools and What to Do About It

Rae Pica with Patricia Ackerman, PeterMcDermott, Marilyn Rhames, Patrick Riccards

Urban parents have unique issues and concerns that can affect their interest and willingness to engage with school staff at all levels — from teachers to administrators. Tune in to hear what a recent study revealed and to learn what you can do to better engage urban parents.

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November 5, 2013
Episode Guests
Patricia A. Ackerman, executive director of the Chalkdust Education Foundation, is a retired public school educator and administrator. Peter McDermott is on the faculty of Pace University in NYC teaching courses in literacy education. Marilyn Rhames is a science teacher at a charter school in Chicago and writes a weekly blog for Education Week Teacher called Charting My Own Course. Patrick Riccards is a communications and policy expert and also blogs for Eduflack and a host on BAM radio network.
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