How Can We Best Measure the Impact of Technology in Education?

Nancy Blair, Tom Whitby, Mark Weston Ph.D

Who is best positioned to determine the impact of techhnology in education and the role technology should play. We discuss this on the 4/1/14 segment of EdChat Radio.

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April 8, 2014
Episode Guests
Mark Weston Ph.D. has worked at all levels of the educational system — classroom, school, congress, US Dept of education, technology companies, and universities. He’s currently an Associate Dean at Georgia Tech. He is co-author, along with Alan Bain, of The Learning Edge – What Technology can do to educate all children. His research involves using technology to mediate educational research and practice to dramatically increase the learning of all students and teacher’s instructional quality. Nancy Blair is a school improvement consultant and cohost of Edchat. Tom Whitby is a former contributing Editor at SmartBrief, founder of #Edchat, Twitter-Using Educators, and NYSCATE Network.
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