How Do We Encourage Reflection Among Students and Teachers?

Nancy Blair withKelly Tenkely and Mark Weston Ph.D.

The power and benefit of reflection in the process of learning is generally accepted, but getting students and teachers to reflect is challenging. Our guests explore ways to make reflection happen.

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February 27, 2015
Episode Guests
Kelly has been a teacher, technology integration specialist, educational consultant, education reform conference organizer, and speaker. Most recently Kelly imagined a new model of education, one that is honoring to students as unique individuals. Kelly started a preschool through 8th grade school, Anastasis Academy, based on this model. Nancy Blair has returned to public education as a middle school principal in Georgia. She previously served as a school improvement consultant. Mark Weston Ph.D. has worked at all levels of the educational system — classroom, school, congress, US Dept of education, technology companies, and universities. He’s currently an Associate Dean at Georgia Tech.
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